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Programme for the 2023-24 Season
Guest nights in red

Rachmaninoff’s 150th Birthday Celebration 


Recital {Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Piano}

Over the Hills and Far Away

On the Right Track

Recital {Piano}

Off the Beaten Track

Christmas Committee Choice

With Snow on their Boots

Recital {Harp}

Miri It Is – Or Is It?

The Joy of Discovery
Pease Pudding Hot
Favourites from my Collection
Recital {Recorders, Piano}

An Evening with Dame Felicity Lott

Humour in Music?

Recital {Piano, Oboe, Horn, Clarinet}

See the Music - Hear the Dance                                                                                                          
Recital - {piano}

Nowt So Queer as Folk

Annual General Meeting

8th September              

22nd September       

6th October               

20th October                   

3rd November          

24th November           

1st December           

15th December                

5th January                  

19th January               

2nd February   

16th February                                    

1st March

15th March

22nd March

5th April                           

19th April
3rd May

17th May                    

14th June

28th June

12th July


Lionel Lewis

The Galliard Trio

Michael Gammie

Andrew Golds
John Paul Ekins

John Farrell

Andrew Dalton

Helena Ricci

Peter Wilson

Len Wright

Jane Jones    

Barbara Humm     

Jill Kemp, Alexsander Szram

Dame Felicity Lott

David Mears                               
Ormonde Ensemble
Jane Harrington

Paul Guinery

Martin Hull
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