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Waltham Forest Music Society

Who are we?

The Waltham Forest Music Society (Formerly FOREST RECORDED MUSIC SOCIETY) was founded in 1956 and we are now in our sixtieth season.

We present evenings of classical and light classical music on CD played on first class equipment. Programmes are presented by the members themselves. We also have up to six ‘live’ music recitals each season in All Saints Church which is comfortably furnished and has a grand piano. Some famous musicians have performed for us including...


We are situated in a leafy suburb of London - Highams Park.


We have members who through their love of classical music have forged friendships at our society. Newcomers are welcome too, and we are always looking to expand our membership.


A few times each season, accomplished musicians and/or singers come perform for us. These nights are the highlight of our season and are not to be missed!


Our History...

Pages from a History of the Society written in 2006 to celebrate our Golden Jubilee:  

1956 was a momentous year: it saw the Soviet Union invade Hungary. This was the height of the Cold War. It also saw the Suez Crisis which led to the resignation of Sir Anthony Eden.

1956 also witnessed on 30th November the formation of the Walthamstow Gramophone Society at ‘The Settlement’ in Greenleaf Road Walthamstow. That first year finished with twenty members paying 10/- a year membership....

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